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e l i z a b e t h  n a o m i 

A B O U T 

H E Y  T H E R E ,  I' M   E L I Z A B E T H - N A O M I ! 



 BUT all my friends call me Libbie. With an ie not a y.   Since we’re gonna be friends, you can call me that right off the bat.

I'm a shower-singer, awkward dancer and coffee lover. 

I'm here for the wild, honest and raw moments - thats what I love in photography AND people.

I live in lovely Liverpool!  I moved from Northern Ireland  to study then i fell in love and this became home (my dad wasn't too happy about that part).

I have the privilege of having two jobs. During the 9-5, I work with children and families in the social work field. My second job (& of course favourite job), is wedding photography - this takes me everywhere and anywhere! I get to hang out with couples in cool places who are insanely in love - does it get much better?!

When I'm not busy Netflixin', you'll find me in a coffee shop sipping on a vanilla latte or walking my pup somewhere pretty.

I'm all about big bowls of Ice-cream, long drives and birkenstocks. . I'm a dreamer at heart, and lover by nature. 


If you're dying to know a little more, heres 5 things you should know;

1.  I'm married to my very best friend, Andy. We got married in 2017 and its been the greatest adventure since. He's also probably the main reason I stepped out of my comfort zone to start this lil' business of mine. He lets me dream, but keeps me grounded when I need it.

2.  I have a dream of riding in a hot air ballon.

3.  Im a self declared Gin Connoisseur. My current fave is Edinburghs Raspberry gin paired with lemonade. Try it & thank me later. 

4.  I'm as impulsive as they come, I don't think about it,  I  don't assess it, I just do it. This keeps Andy on his toes. 

5.  If you follow me on instagram, you'll see alot of me doing stupid stuff, or my pup Ralph - who runs my life!


"Libbie has given us the most precious gift - The feeling you have when you’re with the person you love in pictures. Aaron and I had never had photos taken professionally before and were also super guilty of not taking photos of ourselves at all. So we were both slightly nervous. It’s safe to say Libbie made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, which meant that our true relationship was being captured without nerves or hesitation. When we received our photos, I’ll admit, I did cry a little bit. I didn’t know that the way I feel about Aaron could be captured in a photo. We are both so in love with our photos and haven’t stopped swooning over them even a month later. Thank you so much Libbie for giving us something we can treasure forever "