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Meet your newest third wheel.

And I LOVE it. Wedding photography takes me anywhere and everywhere. I get to hang out with couples, in-love, in dreamy places - does it get any better?! 


I picked up Photography after completing my Masters in Social Work. In my first couple of years practising I needed an outlet for the stress so picked up a camera and never looked back. 

Social Work and Photography do have some similarities believe it or not - the belief that there is always a story to tell. In both roles, my job is to understand more, and with photography, it's all about understanding you. Who you are as a couple, the love you share, and the story you're telling.

When I'm not busy dreaming up my next impulsive idea, you can find me in a coffee shop, or walking somewhere pretty.

I'm a city break over laying-in-the-sun kinda girl. A high functioning introvert - thriving on the dance floor of your wedding, followed by the impending hermit snuggled up by a fire the next day. The two can exist I promise.

There's nothing that makes me heart more full than than spending time with my love & the most wonderful, sassiest 5 year old you'll ever meet.

If you're dying to know a little more, heres 5 things you should know;​

1.  Im a feeler, an emotional sponge, the kind that cry's over anything + everything.

2.  One of my biggest dreams is to ride in a hot air ballon.​

3.  I love a gig.

5.  Salted Caramel ice cream is the one.

I've been shooting weddings for 5 years.

Olivia turns 5-282.jpg

My Approach.



It might sound super cheesy, but i want to be much more than just your photographer.
From booking with me to the delivery of your final gallery, Im on YOUR team. From supplier suggestions, timeline help, planning and prep - IM YA GAL.


You need a glass of champers while your hairs getting done? I'll pop it open, need help with where button holes go? I got it.  Touch up's before photos? Im on it? Hair in your face or a folded train, i'll help you fix it.


The imperfect, beautiful, unique story that makes you two, YOU. The little + large momments. The pre-wedding nerves, the giddy bridesmaids, the anticipation of seeing each other, the flower girl who's hangry, the tear-filled eyes as you say i do, the big laughs and double chins. From the quiet moments together, to the sweaty dance-off's on the dance floor and the crazy excitement for life as you walk away under sparkle lite skies into this new chapter called marriage.

Whatever your wedding looks like - It’s worth being captured in a way that brings back all the feels. My hope is that can look back on your photos in years to come and feel the love you feel for each other right now.

I'm not going to be everyones cup of tea - and sure thats okay. We all bloom in different environments, that what makes us human! 

From a photographers prospective, the best work is produced when you have a sparkly connection with your couple - when ya really vibe, know what i'm saying?

This isn’t going to be a day of staged, awkward feeling, forced smiles and poses. That isn't my style. I’m not going to make you "turn  to the side a little and smile at me" while ensuring your hand is accurately placed in the right place. No no no.  Your wedding, & the photos I take - it's so much more than that to me.


There are of course parts of the day that requires some level of "staging". You're gonna want some pictures with your family, or your girl gang, the friends who have journeyed with you and sure why wouldn't you? When else do you have everyone in the same place looking like tens? I'm more than happy to capture these & I'd always encourage you to do so, but the rest of the day - thats for capturing your love.

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