Aidan & Amy - Traditional ceremony with a quirky reception at The Klondyke Club, Manchester.

October 8, 2018


A traditional church service, followed by a gorgeous quirky reception was the way Aidan and Amy decided to spend their wedding day & what a gorgeous day it was. 

Amy and Aidan got in touch a couple of months before their wedding and asked if would capture it - after hearing about all the personal touches I couldn't say no!

Amy was clear from the beginning that she wasn't huge into the getting ready photos - which is totally okay, so i went to hang out with Amy and her maids just before they made finishing touches & headed for the church. 


The service was just beautiful. A christian wedding with hymns played by the bride & grooms friends, bible readings from parents and a message from the vicar of the church, everything felt intimate and personal - my favourite type of weddings. 


After a good old confetti exit, the gorgeous newlyweds walked with their guests to their quirky reception at The Klondyke Club.  The evening was filled with outdoor games and AMAZING Indian food. I was in my element - I thought it couldn't get any better, but it did... they had a Ceilidh (again played by close friends). Yep, you can only imagine my excitement! The struggle was real in resisting throwing my camera aside &  joining in for every song instead of doing my job - but fear not, i did have a dance or two!


One of my favourite things about this wedding was the people there. I'm learning more and more that you can have the most organised day- with 6 course meals, flowers to the heavens and dresses from the finest designers but its the people that make the day. I felt completely like one of bunch at this wedding.  Guests would ask "so how do you know Amy & Aidan" to which i would respond - "they found me on the internet!".  I was then presented with a confused faced followed by the question " wait you dont know them? I totally thought you were friends?!" - Mission accomplished for me.


Normally I leave weddings on a high, with excitement to edit - but i also leave very tired, sore feet and ready to be home after a long day. Not with this wedding - Yes, i left on a high, excited to edit  but i also left so thankful for the encounters i had with the guests there. I felt enriched from the conversation and challenged in my own personal faith -  What a privilege this job is. 


I hope you like the images - while they may not be anything super special to you, it was a special wedding for me. 

EN x











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