Blea Tarn engagement session

July 22, 2018

Shoots like this, are the best kind of shoots. I set off bright eyed & coffee filled on Saturday morning for a day in the Lake District with some friends. Killing two birds with one stone, I arranged to meet Jen & Gary to do some engagement photos at Blea Tarn. This is one of my favourite locations. & hopefully you'll see why! Everywhere you look is pure untouched beauty, regardless of the weather, season or time of day.


While really pretty mountain-esk  backgrounds add a certain kind of oomft to pictures, I'm realising more and more that its the people in them that really make them. Place people who really love each-other anywhere & it'll make a good picture. I feel like I could have put this little family anywhere & they would still take pictures as fun as these!


As i edited these, as cheesy as its sounds - I smiled from ear to ear, and even giggled at different moments I recalled happening that day.  Jen & Gary were so laid back & up for anything - even when i did ask Gary to wrap himself in a fur blanket. He didn't get it - but he did it anyways! When you have couples like this, its a photographers dream.


Gary & Jen had the type of love where you could tell there was history. They were best friends & I would put money on it that they probably spend 80% of their time laughing with or at one another because thats exactly what happened during the time i was with them.  The best couples are the ones who let you in on their fun, and leave with a sore tummy from laughing.  This is one of my favourite session to date, soley based on how fun it was - i hope you like them!


**Special shout out to Gazza - He was a little nervous & unsure at first, but as you can see from these photos, he's a natural! Look out for him on the latest Calvin Klein & D&G ads. He'll most likely be the guy draped in Faux fur!




































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