Aaron & Ruth || Cosy Woodland Engagement Shoot

December 18, 2017

I learnt very quickly just how much i love capturing people who are in love. It feels like the greatest job in the world to get to witness two people find pure joy in each other. The joy that comes flowing from same river of common ground. Honestly, it gives life. Love gives life. It brings hope to things yet to come, restoration to things once broken & a passion for someone thats so strong, that you can't even remember who you were, or what your life looked like before them.


Today was a beautiful reminder of that. Joy in the fullest, in the small, in the sarcasm, in the hidden, in the outrageous, even in an isolated woodland, in the middle of nowhere. 


Aaron & Ruth || Aaron is so smitten by Ruth. There were so many hidden but honest moments  throughout this shoot where Aaron would just shake his head in disbelief or mutter "flip, you are so beautiful" when he  caught a glimpse of her.

Today was the first time i got to see these guys together & they just work. They really go together. I've never seen two people laugh in each-other company as much, the belly kind of laughs, where its almost impossible to breath. The best kind. Its clear these guys are for each-other, team-mates, best friends. These guys get married pretty soon  & what a beautiful thing  it will be to see them bring the joy that they found in one another, into their forever.

EN x


































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