Woodland Childrens Session

November 11, 2017



Now,  before I reveal these beautiful autumnal pictures, I feel its my responsibility prepare you. You are about to see two of the most adorable children you've seen in a while, or even ever for that matter. Adia is wild at heart, just like her Mama. Watching her imagination unfold throughout the session was beautiful. We searched high and low for Fairies & Gruffalo's. We even found a troll under the bridge. When I told Adia I was scared she replied "Dont worry, I know what to do, you have to be brave!".

& Heath -  Oh my goodness, Heath is a whirlwind, a little explorer & oh so curious - He searched, touched & discovered everything in sight. I could barely stand how adorable they we're together at times. All the cuteness aside, I feel really blessed to get to watch these two little ones grow up. They teach me to find joy in everything. I really hope these picture give you even a glimpse at how special they truly are.




































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